Paradine Mill, Inc., a Montana Corporation, is in the precious metals industry. Paradine Mill is a custom ore mill located in Radensburg, Montana. It is approximately a 150-250 ton per day gravitaion/flotation mill. Originally called the “Radersburg Mill”, it was built in the early 1980’s and operated between 180-250 tons per day.

Mills are the key to mining. If the mill cannot recover the desired metals, the mine closes; thus, the mill will make or break any mining operation. Mills are usually built on a mine site and process that mines ore and nothing else. It takes 1-3 years to open a new mill due to the necessity for permits.  Paradine Mill is one of only a few mills in Montana with a “custom” permit, allowing them to process ore from other mining companies.

Paradine is a fully permitted and governmentally compliant facility; We offer full milling operation to our clients to include all permits, MSHA, DEQ, and onsite specifications for all milling operations, including head ore from precious metals underground and surface mines and/or tailing piles. There is full truck access year round and rail lines only 9 miles away. Most types of ore can be processed with both Gravitational and Flotation processes. 

Paradine can accommodate your milling needs, whether you choose a flat per ton fee, or a percentage of recovery.  We are also open to mine purchases or joint ventures.